PPC Cost Per Click is Only $1.58, Guaranteed!

Google AdWords is the leading PPC network used by car dealers and other businesses today. A dealership should definitely have part of their advertising budget allocated to AdWords and the Yahoo! Bing Network, but there is another alternative that you should consider.  

The CarClicks advertising program is a very efficient way to target auto shoppers in your market that are shopping inventory and have expressed an interest in your vehicle.  

CarClicks leverages many automotive portals to drive traffic to the vehicle detail pages of the dealership website. The dealership inventory is pulled daily and promoted to millions of auto shoppers, leveraging over 20 different sites to get traffic. An easy analogy, if AutoTrader.com was a stock, CarClicks would be a mutual fund. It’s that simple.

There are two really fantastic benefits of CarClicks program. The first is the dealership’s inventory is promoted for free until someone has expressed interest in a specific vehicle. Meaning, the customer is already shopping in one of the automotive portal sites, they have modified the search to look for a specific type of vehicle in their area, they see a picture of the car, and they know the make, model, miles, color and price. Then the second benefit being, if they click the vehicle to learn more about it, they are taken directly to the vehicle detail page of the dealership website.  A very qualified customer for only $1.58 per click, guaranteed.  

Many dealerships are paying well over $3.00 per click in AdWords. I've actually talked with dealers that are paying over $5.00 and more. Let’s look at a dealership with a $5,000 AdWords budget to see how you can reallocate the same budget to drive more qualified shoppers to your website. Being conservative at $3.00 per click, that $5,000 AdWords budget will get 1666 customers to your website ($5,000 / $3.00 = 1,666). If you take that same $5,000 budget but allocate $1,000 to CarClicks you can drive an additional 300 auto shoppers to your dealership website . The $1,000 allocated to CarClicks will drive 633 customers($1,000 / $1.58 = 633) to your website that are in your market looking for the exact inventory you have on your lot. So spend $4,000 in AdWords and $1,000 in CarClicks and get 300 more customer for the same moeny. That’s a fantastic reallocation of your budget!

There are no long-term agreements, management fees and like AdWords, you can allocate any monthly budget you’d like. Your monthly spend is entirely up to you and traffic is trackable in Google Analytics.

Whether you’re planning your initial PPC budget or evaluating your current spend, CarClicks is a network that provides high-quality traffic that is very affordable for every size dealership. 

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Or contact Tony French at 312.505.6301 for more information. 

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