10 of the Most Interesting, Entertaining and Humorous Google Videos

Google has become one of the most influential companies in history. Google had it's 14th birthday last month, so that means if Google was in High School Google would be starting the 9th grade. The company has accomplished a heck of a lot for a freshman. These videos look back and offer a glimpse into what the next few years will bring. 

1. Google's Project Glass(es) - Best Google product on the way...we hope soon. 

2. 2011 Year in Review

3. My little girl's favorite!

4. Dear Sophie


5. Queen's Freddie Mercury's 65th Google doodle tribute. 

6. Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

7. Fluteboxing by Lee and Beardyman...Google London

8. Google Chrome by Angry Birds

9. My personal favorite: The Johnny Cash Project

The Actual Johnny Cash Video

10. Introducing Gmail Tap - bringing back Morse Code - Two buttons. Infinite possibilities

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