Fiat is a "Winner Winner" with Charlie Sheen Bad Boy Ad

A commercial for the new Fiat Abrath - "House Arrest" - breaks tonight on network TV staring the ultimate Bad Boy himself Charlie Sheen. 

Starting with Jennifer Lopez and now tapping Bad Boy Charlie Sheen, Fiat's creative company The Richard's Group is on the right track.


Charlie is pared with the beautifully wicked cappuccino-foam dripping Catrinel Menghia from the Fiat Super Bowl Commercial. 



Unit sales of the Fiat 500 were up 69% to 3,227 units in February compared with the previous month, the company said. The sporty Abarth goes on sale later this year at a base price of $22,000.

There are new Fiat commercials in the pipeline that will begin running in the next few weeks for the Fiat 500. Lets hope that Fiat continues with a similar strategy. 

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