Double your CP Revenue? Increase Service intervals by 34%? Total Customer Connect Autmotive CRM Loyalty Rewards Surprises Again!

Total Customer Connect Loyalty Rewards Statistics 


 Total Customer Connect the Automotive CRM Software Solutions company has delivered fantastic results with thier Loyalty Rewards Program. The statistics below prove that their program not only builds value but they increase the annual service visits. TCC is hands down one of the easiest CRM Solution providers to work with. We do everything possible to ease your workload and free you up to concentrate on your staff.  

Dealership Loyalty Rewards program is your key for long term customer loyalty. Here are our quantifiable statistics for a dealerships customer base over one years time. 

Notice that the service interval at 2.23 visits a year Non Rewards customers to 2.98 visits for Active Rewards customers.

As you can see not only is it important to have a rewards program (Avg Revenue increase of $150.26 per year per customer) but tremendously important that the customer be enticed to redeem the rewards (CP revenue increase of $357.21 compared to non rewards customer which is a increase of 103%).  

See what our customers are saying...

“I have been using Total Customer Connect “TCC” in my dealerships for over 11 years. I chose TCC as a CRM Solutions partner for our team at South Bay Ford after firing a company named N@#gen. My dealership flourished through the relationship with Total Customer Connect and we became the largest “Ford Retail Service Center” in the world.

Since moving to Phoenix and accepting a position as Fixed Operations Director for The Horne Auto Group, I have used TCC at our Kia Dealership and the Hyundai Dealership. In both cases they have brought in customers and stimulated growth. We are in the planning stages of implementing TCC at our Ford Dealership and using their “Owner Loyalty/Rewards Program” to replace Ford’s Owner Advantage.

I have found their company to be extremely proficient and professional. I would like to take this time to endorse their Owner Loyalty/Rewards Program. After having the Ford Advantage Program force fed to me at our Ford Stores and investigating many other alternatives, I am convinced that TCC has the best program available. Here are the reasons for these statements.

· I control the program and have final decision
· We use products and services where we have control of the cost
· Most of our minor products are usually tied to other customer pay services. This allows us to make sure that we are making some money on every visit.
· The Loyalty program is monitored and tracked by TCC.  I don’t need to do anything but collect the email address!  They track all the points and deductions and I no longer need to depend on a Service Advisor or Cashier for point adjustments or make sure money is properly processed. (I can’t tell you how many FREE oil changes I gave away at Ford without anyone deducting the money from the customer’s account!)
· CSI FIX - The ability to give customers FREE POINTS instead of money when working with unhappy customers.
· Build a separate account, up to your pre-defined amount, toward the purchase of a new vehicle. (Sales, Service and Parts departments can get involved to reap the benefites) 
· Partner with other businesses (Starbucks, restaurants, quick stops, etc.) to honor and offer points.
· The options are virtually limitless. If you can dream it, TCC can build it!

I have always appreciated the honesty and candor that I get from Shawn Rajabi and his people. Roy Wilder is fantastic at identifying need and understands the customers perception of value and builds a solution with the focus of building your brand. Their business model is aggressive and their relationship with the dealer is exceptional. I recommend them to any dealer that is ready to get serious about developing a consistent relationship with their customers.”
Bob Cawley
Fixed Ops Director
Horne Auto Group
(480) 455-0244

“Total customer Connect is a great tool, we always strive to be on the leading edge of technology at Goodson Acura and to be the first at trying something new to stay at the top in a very competitive market. When we found TCC it was like a match made to succeed. TCC helped us streamline our marketing and provided us with some new tools that nobody else was offering. The systems they put into place took us to a New Level of Retention that we were looking for, we have a great relationship personally and business wise with Roy Wilder and TCC we could not ask for a better partner. They have shown us some things that would absolutely expand your business. I would recommend this company and their Loyalty Rewards to anyone wanting to grow their client base.” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Chris Nevins
Service Director
Goodson Acura
(817) 690-2562
P.S. You may contact me if you want more information

“I have used this company and products in the past and have found their claims measured up by producing positive results - they have various solutions which you can choose and are customized to what best suits your brand and target customer for the results that you are wanting to measure”

“TCC and there employees are very intuitive in this trade providing great support and information for growing the retail sector of our automotive fixed operations side of the business. They listen and provide input to expand our growth potential in customer retention. They are willing to take back the information when a process needs to be tweaked and structured for an individual client which is not an easy task in a cookie cutter industry. I would recommend Total Customer Connect to anyone interested in truly expanding and changing direction to improve their out come.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Experts in Automotive CRM
Michael Weldon 
Service Director at Prestige Imports
Hansel Auto Group
(925) 437-9828
P.S. If you need more info please feel free to call me direct

As you can see, TCC delivers time and time again!


If you want to know more or see a demo click HERE now or to inquire about exploring your CRM options just give Roy Wilder at Total Customer Connect a call direct at (209) 405-7392 or email at

Roy Wilder
Director of Business Development
Total Customer Connect

(209) 405-7392 Cell

(209) 478-2800 Office

Visit our website at

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