SEO Press Releases Shared More on Facebook But Twitter Drives More Traffic

One effective way of driving traffic to your website and increasing your search engine rank is to send out online press releases. Online press releases captures the attention of search engines and becomes a part of an online marketing campaign. A press release is a way to deliver news or new events taking place within your dealership and help your SEO strategy.

Publishing newsworthy press releases that are tactically optimized with keyword-rich content can be a powerful strategy to expand your dealership's online presence. A professionally written, SEO-friendly press release has tremendous potential to drive traffic to your website from individuals who are actively seeking information related to your dealership, brand or inventory. 

How do press releases play in the social sphere? A study from PRNewswire and CrowdFactory shows that among all shares of press releases, 48 percent came from Facebook, compared to 37 percent on Twitter and 15 percent on LinkedIn. 

Twitter, meanwhile, holds a slight edge in generating traffic to the press release. The average number of press release views resulting from a share were 2.2 views on Twitter, 2 views on LinkedIn, and 1.7 views on Facebook. 

Multimedia press releases—those containing photo, video and audio—were shown to drive 3.5 times the engagement. 

It's important for your dealership to leverage press releases to assist your overall SEO strategy. Check out the accompanying infographic for more graphic-enhanced information.

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